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 Association of West Midlands Motor Clubs 

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Year Established:- 1957

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Formally known as the British Motor Racing Marshals Club (BMRMC), the name was changed in 2012 to British Motorsports Marshals Club (BMMC) to reflect our members' involvement in a wide range of motor sport activities. Founded in 1957, the Club was established to provide a body of trained and qualified people that organising clubs could reliably call upon to marshal at their motor sport events. The Club introduced guidance on safe marshalling, training notes and procedures and a grading scheme so that organisers could trust that the volunteer marshals had the relevant skills. Over the years those guides and training notes have been translated into numerous languages and distributed throughout the world. They now form the basis of the Motorsport Safety Fund guides and Club members continue to contribute to revisions and updates. The Club’s Grading Scheme was adopted by the Motor Sport Association (MSA) and now forms the National Grading Scheme. If you wish to learn more about the history of the Club you can read about it in “50 Years of Motorsport Marshalling” ( ).

Today the Club continues to provide a body of qualified marshals organising clubs can invite to volunteer for their race meetings. Current membership is just over 2,000. A significant number of MSA registered Training Officers are members of the Club and we continue to organise training days throughout the UK for all marshals. In the face of dwindling marshals’ numbers the Club instigated research into alternative ways of marshalling and presented proposals to the Association of British Motor Racing Clubs (ABMRC) and the MSA. Not content with that, some of the Club’s North East region members (Team Wilson) put together the single most effective recruiting campaign ever, which saw 5,000+ new names to marshalling over a four year period. This initiative gained immediate support from BTCC organisers and the circuits, was initially self-funded (with valuable help from the Doghouse Ladies) but later gained some financial support from the MSA, as part of the MSA’s other initiatives to attract new people to all sectors of motor sport.

The BMRMC continues to represent marshals’ interests at the highest level . We are proud of our reputation as the best in the world and we endeavour to develop ways of maintaining that position. The BMRMC (aka BMMC) is THE marshals Club, owned and run by marshals for marshals.

The British Rally Marshals Club (BRMC) is a special interest subsidiary providing the same services to rallying that the BMMC provides in all other areas of motorsport. (see: )

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